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Trailer Editing

The trailer is the single most important marketing tool your film has. The quality of your trailer can make or break investment deals, distribution deals, and most of all, audience interest. The trailer is one area you really, really don't want to screw up.

I recently had a client come to me with a massive dilemma - he had painstakingly gotten a concept trailer filmed for an upcoming movie of his for crowdfunding purposes. The only problem? His editor had made a halfhearted attempt at editing the trailer, then dropped off the face of the earth, ignoring all attempts to contact him. All the raw files were gone. The only surviver? This extremely rough cut of a trailer. Watch below. 

In no universe would this trailer be successful in raising funds for a movie. It's twice as long as a trailer should be, the audio is noise-filled and unbalanced, the shots are too long, and the entire thing is disjointed and awkward.


So I downloaded the trailer file off YouTube, muted it, had my client re-record the characters' dialogue, and re-edited the entire thing for him. I even replaced his stock music with new music I recorded. The result was not perfect since I didn't have the raw video files to work with, but the improvement speaks for itself. Here is the new trailer:

Below are several more examples of my work on trailers. If you need a trailer edited or fixed, don't hesitate to contact me!

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